Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Story of Adi & Farra (1)

 Ring-ring! Ring-ring! As I was awoken from my dreamless sleep, my phone yelled, wanting to be answered. I glanced at the screen and there it was, that name. That particular name. “What do you want?”, said me to the person on the other end. She replied back “I need to see you tomorrow after class, Adi. This is important. Please.” With a sigh, I barked back, “You're calling me at this hour, during my sleep, just to tell me this? After everything you've done? Fine, tomorrow at 2, cafeteria.”, I said and then immediately hanged up the phone without a goodbye. 'What else would this girl want? After everything she had done to me, how dare she interrupts my sleep.' With that, I calmly brushed away that thought and continued sleeping, wondering what the next day had in store for me.

Her name was Farah Zulkifly . That particular name. We used to be lovers. We were engaged. I was totally in love with her. I chose to end my single life with her and she chose to do that as well, with me. Or so I thought. On the 14th of February, I asked for her hand in marriage. She gladly agreed. I was on cloud nine, thinking I had found the one. The future mother of my children. But sadly, six days later, on my birthday, she broke it off. On the grounds of commitment and how she wasn't ready for it and wanting to live a single life. I took it pretty hard. I thought I gave her enough time to decide on the engagement but she just had to do this. She left me hanging. For months, I was bedridden. Emotionally downtrodden. Emotionally scarred. The only thought that kept me going was the false hope of that she would overturn her decision and resume our relationship. Woefully, the stark reality was far from that hope.

That morning, after I had gotten that peculiar phone call from her, I woke up heavily. The idea of meeting her again 2 months after she broke off our engagement darkened that day. With restraint, I got up, showered and had gotten ready for college. I was in no mood for breakfast so I only gulped down a warm glass of water and drove off to college. Luckily, I had only 2 classes that day. I couldn't focus, thinking what would she had wanted with me, after 2 months. I was slowly recuperating from the breakup and that phone call the night before had brought back all of the dark memories of 20th of February. Dreading and surviving the classes, I paid less attention on the chalkboard and more on the clock. I was so anxious, wanting for the classes to be over. Finally, the clock stroke 2. Apace, I made my way towards the cafeteria. It was packed with students but my eyes were looking for one. With an utter of sigh, I sat on the bench, waited for her appearance, wanted to know what was so important that she had the nerve to meet me after everything that had happened.

As I was dialing her number on my phone, my ears pickup up a voice. That voice. “Adi.”, the voiced called out. I turned around and there she was, smiling and glowing. “Fara, hi. Err, have a seat.”
As she sat down, I asked, “Erm, what was so important that you had to see me, Fara?”. She looked down for a while. Her smile was gone. Then, she turned towards me. “Adi, I have some news.” Upon hearing that, I listened intently. “The truth is, I'm getting married at the end of the year. I know this is a lot to digest but take all the time you need, Adi.”. Upon hearing that, my heart broke. Two months' of progress of moving on, just gone. Everything was pale. Darkened. Speechless. Heartbroken, I packed up my things and left. The thought was unbearable and bordered on suicidal. Manly tears started to flow down my cheeks. The only thought that was lingering in my mind was to go back to my dorm and calm myself down.

Upon reaching the stairs to my room, my phone shouted a call. Ring-ring! Ring-ring! One look on the screen monitor and all heartaches seem to have gone. It was my best bro, Najhan. With a smile, I answered, “Hey dude! What's up?” “Nothing much! Haha! Hey, I have a great news.” “A good news. Well, what is it dude? Is it a cause for celebration?” “I don't know? Is an engagement a cause for celebration?” “What?! You got engaged?! Congratulations, man! Finally, some solid news on her. When will your best bud here get to meet the Mrs. Najhan?” “Erm. I don't know. It's too soon.” “Oh come on! It's been a while that this guessing game has been going on. I was hopped on the idea that your one might the the 5th floor janitor. At least, tell me her name so I know it's not some doll you've been seeing. Haha!” “Okay! Fine! I'm only doing this so that in your best man's toast, you'll get her name right.” As of that moment, for some unknown reason, my heart was racing. I thought maybe it was a sign of some sort. Then, I braced myself for what was coming. “The lucky lady is Farah Zulkifly.”

Sunday, December 11, 2011

tabby versus netty versus lappy :)

assalamualaikum para readers sekalian . apa khabar ? hopefully anda semua berada dalam keadaan yang teramat sihat yang termampu ye . hahah *hiperbolaygteramat* haha . okay . aku dah lama gila tak update post aku ni . haha kering idea lah . tak tahu nak tulis apa . rasa macam nak jual diri pulak lah *publisitimurahan* hikhok :) haha . anyhowzzz , harini aku ada dilemma . mostly maybe kebanyakan korg pun ada dilemma macam ni . uhhuk :) katakan lah aku ada cukop duit kan *hmmbilalahagaknyetu* aku tak tahu sama ada nak beli tablet atau stick dengan netbook aku . yelah , aku pun nak join sekali hype tablet yang semakin menggila ni . so aku buat lah research sendiri . berbaloi ke tidak yee ? hhmmm , letz cekidaut ! 

Tablet ni ada banyak pros and cons nye . tapi pros dia lebih sikit laaa . hahah . ok . first of all , ianya portable . i mean REALLY portable compared to netbooks . tapi tak dapat buat banyak benda . i mean , tablet ni more to web browsing , portable gaming , dengar lagu , etc perkara2 yang tak berapa heavy weight laa . kalau nak buat dokumen macam esaimens ke , memang harapan lah T_T sebab satu , tak banyak tablet yang begitu 'laju' untuk buat dokumens . dan duaa , tak sesuai sbb on screen keyboard tade feel sangat . hahha :) OS untuk tablet pun tak banyak . antara choice nye ada lah , Android , iOS , Meego dan penah sekali Ubuntu . (yang ni kena pandai root sendiri) haha . and of course , price memang skyrocket gila ah ! haha . berbaloi ke beli mahal2 untuk something yang tak buat banyak ? hmm . korang punya duit kannn . :P hahhhaha . 

Netbook  pulak adalah laptop tapi dalam versi yang cut down sikit . Smaller screen , smaller specs but literally gets the job done jugak laa . Netbook ni sesuai untuk orang macam aku ; tak suka gaming yg heavy2 macam NFS ke , Dota ke , Ragnarok ke , etc etc.  Sangat portable berbanding dengan laptop biasa . but heavy sikit dari standard tablet biasa laaa . of course , what do you expect ? Nak buat esaimens ? sangat sesuai lah dengan korang . sebab usually students yang banyak kene type akan pilih netbook lah . tapi students hardcore macam archy ke , engine ke , takkan pilih ni . sebab tak 'kuat' untuk buat esaimen dorg . netbook ni sesuai untuk browsing , layan movie , buat dokumens . hmm . gaming tak sesuai sangat because , well , let's face it , lemah jugak lah netttie ni . hahha :D choice of OS ? terrrrrrrrrlalu banyak . from windows ada , to linux distros . memang heaven lah untuk orang yg suka test2 OS macam aku . hahha :) semua OS tu basically function dia sama . hahha apa lagi eh ? oh ! most netbooks tade disc drive so that's something you guys have to live with lah kot . face it , nowadays , mana orang pakai dvd/cd sangat . so , tade org akan rindu lah drive tu . hahaha xD

so , aku rasa that's it kot . dah buat choice korg ? hahah , personally , aku akan pilih tablet lahh , sbb nak follow hype kot . haha . tapi macam tak guna jugak lah . sbb tablet pun nak buat apa . aku lebih prefer keyboard yg fizikal :) hahah . anyhow , really , korang punya choice sebenarnye . aku just tolong guide je . haa... ~ so , make sure korang buat the right choice yang kena dengan style dan budget korang . happy choosing ! :D

Thursday, December 8, 2011

a point in life xD

yeah handsome kan abang ni . *okay aku straight . aku TAK GAY* 

assalamuaalaikum dan salam sejahtera kepada semua mereka-mereka yang sedang melayari bahtera ... oops ,melayari blog aku . apa khabar ? hopefully anda semua dalam keadaan sihat dan sejahtera , kerana , kalau anda tak sihat , buat apa anda pegi bukak internet . :) hehhe . hari ini , aku nak bercerita sikit tentang satu kos yang aku amek kat CFS IIUM (universiti.islam.antarabangsa) . 'course' apa tu , dam ? hmm , aku amek nursing . kenapa ? ha ! persoalan tu akan terjawab selepas habisnya iklan penaja ni :) hahhaa

haha *okay tade pun iklan . saje je nak berdramatique sikit* nursing.adam. kenapa ? well , first of all , aku amek nursing sbb ilmu dia . aku sangat tertarik macam mana biological beings ni hidup . aku sangat terujaaaaa . walau aku tak minat Biology , tapi sememang nya aku teruja kalau deal dengan Biology . so , untuk make sure aku sentiasa ada Biology dalam hidup , aku amek lah Nursing . yes , first , because of the knowledge . Secondly , dalam hidup ni , kena ada cabaran , baru excited kan ? baru ada something to fight for , something to live for . personally , aku nak brain aku sentiasa function . macam mana ? deal dengan complex problem . katakan aku amek language or arts . what's the worst that can happen ? ada sense of urgency ? no offense , arts students , but seems art ni macam tade sense of urgency . i need that . :) so , nurse it is . and thirdly , sbb aku nak prove bahawa aku boleh . yang itu aku kena betol2 work hard for it . bukan memain . :P seriously , i really do wanna be a nurse . aha , and last but not least , the job itself . the pay , the benefits , the risks , the fun , arghh , i cant wait ! :)

haha , by the by , im a guy . a male nurse-to-be . tak salah pun . persepsi masyarakat je yg menyalahkan . status quo . let's face it , male nurses banyak kena deal dengan ' weh kau gay eh ?' and 'dah tade keje lain ke?' . tapi if you really put your heart into it, all is well :) besides , what's a hospital without nurses ? especially male nurses . incomplete kan ? rumah pelacuran pun mesti ada pelacur lelaki *oooops perbndingan tak patut* , but you guys get the point kan ? :) anyhow , nurse paling essential dalam healthcare patients . tade nurse , hmm , harapan lah doctors semua nak deal dgn patients . >_< setiap bidang kerja ada pros and cons nye , but aku lebih suka focus kat pros . and also , we , male nurses would be doing a favor for our ummah . we need male nurses . the same goes for male teachers . we need stern , male teachers . ergo , all jobs are needed . otherwise it wouldnt be a 'job' . hahhaa . 

okay , aku dah mula merapu ni . basically , aku nak jadi male nurse , inshaallah . korang semua doakan kejayaan aku jugak ye . :) aku tak pernah lupa doa untuk kawan2 aku , saudara2 seagama aku dan semua yg berkaitan dengan diri aku . semoga kita berjumpa lagi :) btw , good luck dalam hidup :) kos apa-apa pun , im proud of you guys , because we are doing favours , GOOD favours for our community :P byebye >.<


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the ink of a scholar :)

mata pena lagi tajam dari sebilah pedang :O
assalamualaikum kawankawan ! haha , apa khabar ? sihat kah ? semoga anda semua dalam keadaan sihat walafiat :) haha okay aku dah mula nak berajin-rajinkan diri dengan blogger ni . ye lah , blog nih jelah sebagai satu output untuk meluahkan perasaan yang terpendam 1000km dalam hati . takpun sebagai tempat mencambahkan bakat terpendam dalam menulis ni . :) MUAHAHAHAHA ! ye lah , daripada merapu2 kat fesbuk dan dapat like yg tak berapa nak ikhlas ,better post kat sini kan ? :P okehhh , post kali ini bertajuk 'the ink of a scholar' . ha ? apa tu ? macam ayat tergantung je . yeh mmg pun . lepas ni kita analyse ayat penuh dia seteliti yang mungkin . chaiyok ! haha :D

okay , ayat penuh dia ada lah The ink of the scholar is more holy than the blood of the martyr. haha 'martyr' tu apa ? hmm , daripada translate sebijik2 , better translate sekali harung kan ? haha . literal translation ayat diatas adalah 'dakwat seorang tokoh pemikir lebih mulia daripada darah seorang syahid' . haaa ? okeh , kata2 di atas di'quote'kan oleh seorang tokoh Islam . ada sumber kata nih hadis Nabi kita SAW . ada yang kata dari 'Ali radhiallahu anhu . so tak dapat sahkan . tapi , apa quote nih focuskan  ? yes , pentingnya ilmu itu . ilmu itu perkara paling penting dalam hidup seseorang Muslim . kerana dengannya ilmu , macam2 boleh kita dapat . ilmu kelentong orang *HAHAHA* , ilmu bedah mayat , ilmu cari 'x' dan bukan ilmu yg ada diajar kat sekolah jeeeee . btw , bukan 'ex' eh . tapi x . yang orang guna dalam maths tu lah . LOL :)

tambahan lagi , wahyu pertama yang diterima oleh Junjungan kita adalah tentang membaca  . membaca ni ada kaitan rapat dengan ilmu . ye lah , apa cara lain untuk dapat ilmu selain membaca ? dengar2 dari org ? hmm , itu betul ke tak ? kalau dgr2 dari org , sumber tu tak boleh disahkan sgt . kalau membaca , plausible sikit la . lagipun , banyak medium yg boleh dijadikan bahan bacaan kita . internet , blog , newspaper dan macam2 lagi. novel cintan-cintun yg dok meleleh air mata bila baca tu , hmm , sumber ilmu bercinta lah kot . hahha ! lol . dah ada ilmu tu , macam2 mampu dilakukan . contoh , camne nak masukkan bola ke dalam gol dari sudut tertentu ? *bolasepakni* :O then kita apply bernoulli's principle yg akan membantu 'curve'kan bola masuk gol secantik yg mungkin . seee , ada ilmu yg bermanfaat , kenalah kita apply ke dalam aspek yg positif . baru lah berkat ilmu yg kita belajar tuu . oh , and btw , keberkatan tuh penting apabila kita menuntut ilmu . tanpa keberkatan Ilahi kan , hmm , lu pikiaq sendiri eh ? hahhaa 

so all in all , menjadi seorang tokoh pemikir ni sangat berharga . sebab dalam kepala otak diorang ni macam2 ilmu ada . bagus ni . lebih mulia daripada seorang syahid . sebab ilmu ni banyak manfaatnya kepada orang ramai . tua muda kaya miskin . semua boleh jalan :) muahahahah . so kawan2 , sementara masih muda ni , tuntutlah ilmu sebanyak yang mungkin . maybe satu hari , ilmu tu sahaja yg mampu menentukan hidup mati kita . haaa , camne ? so korg pandai2 lah cari ilmu yang baik2 ye . ingat ye member2 , The ink of the scholar is more holy than the blood of the martyr. chill yah ! have a good day ! assalamualaikum :P

      Monday, December 5, 2011

      you see but you dont observe

      assalamualaikum ya antum antum sekalian . haha . kaifa halukum ? hihihi , okay , saje je nak berbahasa arab pada entri kali ini . ye lah , cuti sem yang teraaaaaaaaaaamat panjang membuatkan aku pun dah lupa sikit camne nak bbhase arab . :P okay , entri pada kali ini bertajuk 'you see but you dont observe'. haaa , apa tu ? okeh , jom terjah dalam2 apa maksud kata-kata di atas :P

      selalu kita jalan-jalan kan ? okay kita nampak berbagai-bagai jenis orang .terlanggar bahu lah , tertentang mata la , terusha awek hot sebelah sana la . tiba2 , ternampak seorang pakcik gemok *sorry agak kasar* tengah nak lintas jalan . terus kita infer, 'eh pakcik ni gemok macam doraemon . mesti makan banyak ni. hish takpun makan rasuah'.  eh boleh ke macam tu ? haaaaa , tulah terjadik bila kita hanya melihat ataupun 'see' . kita tak observe sedalam2 nya . maybe dia ada penyakit yang kalau dia tak makan satu hari , dia MATI SEAZAB-AZABNYA ! *okay hiperbola yg menggila* =,=  haaa , lagi2 , kalau kita ternampak perempuan 15an , dukung anak dia . terus korang infer 'ish , ni mesti berzina tak pakai kondom ni . nasib baik reti jaga' . hoi , memandai je korg tuduh dia berzina . mana tahu dia kena rogol dan tak sampai hati nak buang anak tu . huuu . that's why pentingnya kita 'observe' dalam2 sesuatu perkara itu . take account of all the facts before kita infer sesuatu perkara :) bak kata org , terlajak perahu boleh di tarik , terlajak kata , hmmm , lu pikiaq sendiri . hahah :)

      all in all , conclusion nya disini , dalam apa2 perkara yang kita buat , atau kita nak decide , haruslah kita pikiaq panjang2 dulu . observe apa causes and effects dia kalau kita buat camni camni . so , tade lah malapetaka berlaku . save time , money and efforts . kalau korang buat semua ni , insyaAllah , Allah membantu kita guide dalam deciding apa jua perkara . sebab kita dah tengok dr segala sudut angle kannn . make sure kita tahu apa yg kita handle . okay guys ? haha hope aku membantu korang semua dan i pray for success for all of us ! semoga berjumpa lagi ! :)

      benci bilang cinta

      hai , salam perkenalan kepada rakanrakan semua . hahaha , dah lama gila tak update blog . entahla , lepas ni dah ada broadband baru yang agak permanent sikit , rasa macam nak update blog selalu la . hahaha :) okayyyy , tajuk kita pada harini adalah CINTA. 

      well , apa kah itu cinta ? wo ai ni ? aishiteru ? haha . okay berdasarkan google search sikit , definition dia lebih kurang mcm ni lah  - A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness . okay macam tu lah definition cinta . persoalannye ,  haruskah cinta ini dalam hidup ? dan jawapannye adalah YES ! muahaha . kenapa ? sebab sebagai manusia - khalifah Allah - kita ini diciptakan oleh Allah SWT sesempurna mungkin dan cinta itu merupakan satu fitrah , satu kemestian dalam diri kita . cinta jugak diperlukan biasanya untuk develop that humanely attitude toward one another . ye lah , kalau tade perasaan cinta , takdenye polis , askar , doctor , nurse dan lain-lain lah kerja yg berkaitan dengan hubungan manusia . basically , kerja-kerja macam ni dicipta adalah untuk satisfy perasaan cinta tulah . cinta kepada harta benda , nyawa dan banyak benda lagi lahhh . so , cinta atau love atau apaapa jelah yg synonymous , adalah perkara yg diperlukan dalam hidup seseorang .

      yang menjadi persoalan kan , ramai orang *remaja biasanya* mengambil jalan mudah untuk memperoleh cinta . kebanyakan mereka ini membiarkan nafsu menguasai cinta mereka . yes ,nafsu dan cinta mmg saling berkait . tapi kena pandai control la . jangan pi cari cinta terlarang . takde restu tahu . pastu nak-nak kalau terjebak dengan zina mcm mana ? itu dosa korang tanggung la  kan . kalau tak mengandung okay lagi . tapi KALAU  termengandung camne ? hah ! mesti buang kan anak tu ? sbb anak kantoi berzina ! hmm , jadilah kau seorang pembunuh . memang hidup dalam dosa laa . sbb pengampunan bagi jenayah bunuh dalam konteks Islam ada lah retribution . basically , mcm an for an eye lah . 

      so kesimpulannya , jadi lah orang yang adil . kalau rasa-rasa dah ready untuk bercinta , okay teruskan . tapi kena ingat , with great power , comes great responsibility . kalau rasa-rasa nak bercinta sebab nak jadik playboy , tak payah lah . buat naya je . menyusahkan ramai pihak . pastu kena kutuk lagi . tak berbaloi ah . aku bace news tadi , ada girl bunuh diri sebab baru breakup dengan boyfie dia . HAH ! kan dah kena masuk neraka jahannam ! okay , bukan salah lelaki tu lah actually , tapi mesti timbul rasa bersalah jugak en . so , bercinta kena lah adil kepada semua pihak . baru diberkati dan dirahmati . kepada semua member yang tengah syok bercinta tu , haaa , tahniah ye . semoga kekal hingga ke anak cucu . jangan couple je , kahwin ah . baru syok :) aaaaaand kepada yg tengah single tu , macam saya , tak usah cuak . semua orang dah ditetapkan Hawanya masing-masing . cuma sempat jumpa atau tak sempat jumpa je .  CHILL OKAY GUYS ! :)

      Saturday, October 23, 2010

      bergraduasi !

      wow ! taksangke yea , dah 23.10.10 . genap jugak lah i belajar with sistem mrsm nie 2 tahun . (with pointers and stuffs ..) okay la .. i baru balek dari school nih . from pekan to kl , agak-agak dalam 4 jam jugak laa .. memang lame . :)) anyhow , tadi i baru je graduate tauu .. memang rase BEST ahh ! macam convo uni kott ... wow ! STYLE la cikgucikgu kitorang hias hall tuu ... budakbudak pown , tak kurang jugak keSTYLEan nye ... sume pakai robe , topi berus tuu (:D) and hood ...  gempak ahh ..

      hmm , ceremony tuh berjalan memang bertertib la i kate ... berprotokol gituu ... siap ader redcarpet lagi daaa ... tapy , guests of honour datang mmg 'awal' laa ... yea la , orang berkepentingan tertentu kann .. hmm , walauapaapapun , tahniah la kat nur shuhada nisa sebab she bagged most of awards tau ! and cash too .. close to rm300 kot . waaa , pasni boleh la bayar sume hutang-piutang kann .. (kalau ade ..) ummm , and lagilagilagi , mmg taksangkegile raja abdul aziz shah dapat anugerah sahsiah terpuji ... well , it should've been me , but i bagi je kat abang raja  kite tuu .. wakakaka ! also , i dapat sijil graduasi and dean's list jea . tak banyakk . i tak star kot . hot jea .. :)

      overall , ceremony tuh memang berjalan lancar la ,just as planned la kot . hmm , what to story more ah ? :) bytheway , we all sume  firstbatch MRSM TAR  tauu .. so , agak bangge lah dengan tu . yea la , sape takk ? sume nyer first time , and gilang gemilang lagii ... very inspiring la .. sure korang sume ader rase nak pegang diploma satu hari nnt enn .. :) phD ke ... 

      okay la , itu sahaja lah ! malas nak continue lamelame . nanty , after six long months , aku update lagi yea ! kidding ..

      *p/s : gamba oncoming tau .. :)